Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Today we recieved this...

in the mail!! A new stroller that i'll be able to take on bush tracks, to the beach and to all sorts of places. And when Libby is a bit older, Matt will be able to take her running with it! How exciting!! I still love our cheap little stroller which is still much better and compact for taking to the shops etc!

Today, during 'family day', we now have to work. Haha, at least we can work as a family! Matt has a school group in and needs two people on the water plus one looking after the shop! So Libby and I get to look after the shop whilst Matt and Gav are with the kids on the water! Liberty was a good girl and slept almost the whole time I was there alone! We are only there for an hour and a half, pity its smack-bang in the middle of the day so we dont really get much done in between!
I was very spoilt today, Liberty slept through to 6am, so i got up and fed her, then Matty got up and played with her till 8am and I got to sleep in to 9am!!! WOW!!! Thanks Matt, oh, and i actually have felt so tired all day, i think i over slept!! HAHAH!!
Well, thats all for today! Just wanted to say hello!!
I havent got any new photos of Libby, will try and take some tomorrow with her new hat we bought from the cancer council! We've got to keep her strawberry mark out of the harsh Aussie sun!
Xx Jess


Nicole said...

LOL at the sleeping through, my kids have been waking at about 5-6am every morning lately and then they slept til 7.30 this morning and I feel horrible. LOL.

Awesome three wheeler too. We have two different ones at the moment, gosh knows what we're going to do when bubs comes, can't believe it's so close.

Thought I'd better leave a HI, been a slack commenter lately.

Hope your having a great week.


Carole said...

It seems that Liberty is a very good girl these time (as always ;P).
But we have to say that she has such a nice daddy and such a wonderful mummy that she must be a beautiful girl :)!
Bisous en chocolat à tous les trois!!
xxx Carole

lisa v said...

What are you feeding that baby, she's getting so chubby!

Siany said...

YAY!! So glad your pram arrived safely :) Looks very sporty ;)