Thursday, 11 September 2008

Trying out the new stroller...

Today is a beautiful sunny day! Warm once you get moving!! hehehe! Liberty and I decided to try out the new 'beast'. I love it! It rolls so well! I walked up to North Narrabeen. It was so nice to be able to push the stroller easily on the grass etc! Liberty was a good girl! She even had a little sleep!
Here she is enjoying her walk.. she has lots of entertainment with all her toys!
Relaxing by the sea pool! Look at the big wave crashing in the back ground!
North Narrabeen...
Hahaha! I thought i'd take a 'selfie' of Libby and I... Uhm, it didnt really work!! Libby is wearing her cute new hat!
It was a lovely walk! We walked for about an hour all up, and im buggered now! (could it be the lack of sleep from last night or the fact that im totally unfit?!!)
It was nice!! I so so cant wait till summer so I can dip Liberty's feet in the water!!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Next time you'll be jogging to Nth Narrabeen!! lol! Looks like such beautiful weather :) Must be so nice to take Liberty out!
That pram looks fantastic! I bet its so much more fun than you smaller one!!
PS *Great* selfie.... lol!

Daria said...

Hi Jessy!
I am soooo behind, I am still catching up on everyone's Blogs from my non-computer 2 months!
The new stroller looks awesome, I am getting the shits with ours at the moment, so I just bought one of those little fold-up get about strollers on spesh for 12 BUCKS!!!!
It's good if we are just ducking out somewhere but where am I sposed to stash all the junk you carry around for a baby!!!! He seems happy in it if we're just going for a cruise though.
Libby looks like a cheeky little noodle! She is such a happy smiley babe!
Let's do coffee soon. PLEASE! I am going nuts & must see an ADULT face!!!!

Linda said...

Oh I so haven't been blogging lately, and now, look how big she is already, and how skinny you are getting. Awesome. No time at all you'll be pushing that thing while running...Love the pics

Essie said...

That's a wonderful stroller. Love it. Liberty must love it to. So cool

Love, es

brigitte g. said...

Wowww Jess !!
this place where u live is aweeesome !! is this Paradise or what ?? i AM sooo jealous....ohhh the beach....i miss it ;)