Monday, 13 October 2008

4 and 1/2 months old already!!!

Far out! My baby girl is already 4.5 months old!! Matt and I are enjoying every moment of it!!!
Tomorrow she is booked in to have her injections, poor thing! I hate taking her and seeing her get hurt! Last time she was so brave, so lets hope it goes well this time too!!! And then tomorrow afternoon, Liberty has her first outing to Gymbaroo!! How exciting! Quite a few of the mummies from my mothers group are going too, so it will be good fun I think, and it will be great for the babies too ofcourse.

A few of Libby's milestones at 4 months are:

  • She sleeps through the night! She has for at least 5 weeks now!! She goes to bed at 7pm, then I get her out of bed at 10:30pm and give her a 'dream feed'. She then (usually) sleeps through to 6:30-7am. Such a good girl! On the rare occasion that she does wake through the night, we just have to go pop the dummy in and she goes back to sleep.
  • Weighed her today (13.10.08) she weighs, 7.32kg.
  • LOVES her bath time! She has not outgrown her baby bath, so is in the 'big' bath. She loves it! She kicks and splashes and wets everything, its so cute. Matt also dunks her under the water and it doesn't bother her one bit! a true water baby.
  • She has no interest in rolling over at all!! hahaha, she is more than happy to lye there with no toys, and just talk to herself!
  • LOVES to stand up (assisted ofcourse). She loves being on her feet, and she also loves tummy time.
  • Has discovered how to grab her feet in the last week
  • Has also discovered her voice big time!! She can squeal so loud when she's excited and happy.
  • Loves her toys, her hands, her family. Basically loves everything. She is a very happy and good little baby. We are so happy and proud of her!
  • She still sleeps wrapped up like a sausage!! hehe. We have tried her in a sleeping bag (pictured below) but not much sleeping went on. Its just that when we wrap her, she knows its time to sleep, so im trying to figure out how to get her to know that going in her sleeping bag is bed time!

Okies, here are just a few photos taken this weekend, Enjoy....
Xx JessThis last photo is of Libby lying on the amazing quilt Siany made for her!


Siany said...

She looks like a beautiful happy healthy baby and sounds like shes such a good girl!! Shes so lucky to have such caring parents!!
I love how shes looking at the camera in every pic!! So cute! :)

Daria said...

Hi Jess! Sorry I have been a comment slacker lately, I don't get on the computer much these days, too expensive!!
She is looking gorgeous, can't believe I have only really seen her a couple of times & she's 41/2 months already! Lucky for Blogs, I can see all the catchups that i miss!
She is looking so healthy & happy!
That quilt Sian made is amazing! I love the colours, it suits Libby so well!
Have fun at Gymbaroo, tell me what you think about it. Does it cost anything?

Anne Thompson said...

What a sweet little punkin!! I am in LOVE with that quilt! It's gorgeous. ANd so is Liberty!!!!

lisa v said...

I'm so glad for you that she's sleeping through the night, it makes a big difference to how you feel when you're getting a reasonable amount of sleep. Still, there's no sleeping in if you stay up past your bedtime :( Ah well, she's a lovely baby and such a happy one that it would seem that you and Matt must be doing everything right, but then I knew all along that you two would make excellent parents :)

Debbie said...

What a little ray of sunshine!