Friday, 31 October 2008

a week in the life... - day five

Friday 31st October, 2008
Hot! Hot! Hot! Sticky and a top of 37 degrees, with a HOT breeze!

6:30am, Liberty wakes, I get her up and feed her at 6:50am, she eats well. I go and bring her to Mum who has stayed the night, and will continue the babysitting duties now so I can go back to bed - haha!

8am, Matt gets home from working at the gym, and hops into bed, I still havent fallen asleep which is frustrating as its such a luxury to have Liberty being entertained!!

I get up at about 9am, didnt sleep - boohoo, but it was nice just to chill out. Mum and I have breakfast together (liberty is in bed but stirring). Mum does the ironing, dishes etc. I put on a load of washing, the machine squirts water everywhere - ops (haha!)

10am, we get Liberty out of bed, for some reason she didnt have a good morning sleep. She is in a good mood so cant complain. We play with her!

At 11am I feed her and then mum and I have lunch. Libby plays.

Midday, Liberty goes back to bed. Mum and I hang out.

1pm, Mum leaves. I plonk myself behind the tv and decide to see how much of the tv programs I recorded the night before I can watch before Libby wakes. I watch them all and Liberty is still asleep!! haha!

2:45pm, she wakes (with a little banging and noise from me! I need to feed her). So then. I feed her. A parcel arrives for me, its the flag banners I arranged to get made for advertising Pro Kayaks! Im happy with them!

3pm, Liberty and I walk down to Pro Kayaks to see Matty. Bad move, its so so hot! I put Libery's feet in the lake. Matt helps and she ends up waste deep in the water, so we sit her in the sand to play, very cute, and challenging not to get her to eat the sand - haha!

4pm, back at home, I give libby a little bath and some 'rudie nudie' time on the floor. Then I feed her.

4:30pm-6pm, Matt comes and picks us up, we drive to Fishermans Beach. Jay, Mikey and Matty.A (the groom) are there paddling. Matt and I go for a walk with Libby in her stroller (keeping her out of the sun and our body heat!). Once the boys are finished paddling, Mikey takes Liberty into the ocean (up to her knees) I think it cools her down a bit which is nice!!!
6pm, back at home! I put in the Shepards Pie mum made us in the oven for dinner, whilst Matty Bathes Liberty. She then relaxes in her rocker and I feed her at 645pm.

7pm, Liberty is in bed and we are eating dinner.

Now, 8:30pm, i am blogging today and yesterday's post. Im tired.

Later, will give Libby her 'dream feed' then off to BED!!! yay!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

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Siany said...

Awesome photos!! You sexy mama!! lol! How nice for Liberty to splash around - it really was hot!!