Friday, 31 October 2008

a week in the life... - day four

Thursday 30th October, 2008
*Leea & Matt's Wedding
Overcast, humid, little bit of rain, then sun. about 25 degrees
Just like to say... all of you that guessed yesterday... CORRECT!!! :)
BabyA. Matt
BabyB. Me
BabyC. Liberty
Matt is definately Liberty's father!!! heheheh!

6:30am, Liberty wakes. I feed her at 6:50am then play with her till 9am for her nap.
Whilst Liberty is napping my Mum arrives from Katoomba, she has the very important job of being Liberty's babysitter tonight (the first time we will leave her for such a long time, and having mum feed her)
11am Liberty wakes. Mum and I have lunch, I feed Liberty.

12noon, we still play with Libby! Here is my Mum and Libby
1pm, we go to Wariewood for a little shop! Mum bought me the sex and the city movie! I havent seen it yet!

2pm, back at home, i feed Libby and put her to sleep.

3pm, I get myself ready for the wedding, and Matt comes home to get ready too (has been out kayaking with the groom)

4pm, I have to wake poor Libby and feed her before we leave. Mum takes these piccies...
4:30pm, we head off to Mosman for the wedding of Leea and Matty. Its a beautiful wedding, the bride looks beautiful, and the groom looks hansome and excited!! (unfortunately I managed to get no good shots of the wedding which was disapointing.)
Here are Mikey, My Matty, Kato and Bec before going in for the ceremony
The Bride and Groom... Leea and Matty
7pm, dinner was served. Yummy! And they catered for me being Gluten free, so that was awesome!
8ish, I had to duck out to pump! I sms'd mum too, Liberty was fast asleep, a happy baby. She didnt have much of her bottle but thats ok.

9pm-11pm, i re-join the ceremony (hehe) they have speeches which are good and funny. The bride and groom dance, we all dance, we chat, we have fun!

11pm, we leave, get home, I chat to mum for a while. Then I feed Liberty her 'dream feed' which she ate quite well!! hehe!

It was a great day!
Thanks for babysitting mum!!
My Matty look great all dressed up in his suit!! :)
Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

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Siany said...

Sounds like Liberty had fun with Grandmamy!! Must have been a surprise for her to wake up to someone else for the first time ever!!
You and Matt look *great* all dressed up! If I remember correctly.. last time you wore that dress, Liberty was wearing it too inside your belly?? You look fab Jess!!