Sunday, 7 December 2008


Hi everyone!
Well, its been a week since I last posted..
Libby and I have been to Mothers Group & Gymbaroo.
On wednesday Matt and I took Libby to have her 6 month injections. Poor little thing, they gave her both needles at the same time which was good and she only cried for about a minute. However that night she was crying a fair bit and seemed sad. She didnt have a temperature, but after her bath i just thought i'd push the bandaid (that was over her needle prick) a little as it was falling off, and Libby started screaming. She was obviously in pain. I gave her a bit of panadol (the first time she's ever taken panadol) and she seemed to calm down within 10 minutes. She's got a nasty bruise there now.
Here are some recent piccies and some facts about her...
Liberty - Six months old
  • 8.7kg
  • can sit for long periods of time unassisted
  • eats two meals a day and still has 6 breastfeeds a day
  • sleeps through the night much more often than not
  • can get up on her hands and knees and rock back n forth, she goes backwards well, and is starting to inch forward
  • loves socialising with other babies
  • loves going to feed the ducks
  • she's a very happy girl, always smiling
  • her squeals are very high pitched, the happier she is, the louder the squeal.
  • loves having books read to her

We are so lucky, Matt and I love her very much!!!
Here she is on all fours.....Here she is in the little outfit my dad bought her ages ago, and she now fits in...On thursday Libby and I braved the shopping centre to do some more xmas shopping, im nearly done, will have to go back though, unfortunately. It was so busy! Whilst we were there we hung out with some of our mothers group friends and then went shopping!

On friday Libby and I went to St Ives to meet up with Daria and her beautiful boy Kaia! She's 15 weeks pregnant *congrats* Dar! It was great to finally catch up with her again!
Here's a piccie of Libby and Kaia
On saturday Matt and Pro Kayaks were sponsors of a kayak/orienteering race and Matt laid out the course, so he had been busy all week leading up to it, and very busy on this hot day. About 100 people participated in the race which was an ok turn out, could of been better.
Matty is now in NZ racing in a kayak race on the South Island, he is also down there spending time with his dad and nephew. I'm sure he is having a great time!
Tomorrow is our mothers group chrissie party (cant wait) and the next day is our gymbaroo chrissie party!
I love this time of year!!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Such a busy bee!
My GOD Liberty is getting soooo big - although she looks tiny next to Kaia! Hes so cute!
Love the little outfit your dad bought! The hat is so sweet!
Congratulations Libby - nearly crawling huh!?! Love her common ground outfit too ;)
Hope Matt is having a great time in NZ!
Miss you - see you soon!

Daria said...

Had a great time finally catching up with you guys last week! They are very cute together, they are both such placid little kids, we are LUCKY! Man I can't wait to have a girl when I see the sweet outfits you find for Libby! Half the fun is dressing them up!
I am sad that we are going to be moving so far away from you guys now & it will get even harder to catch up, but at least down those ways we can find a decent place that we can actually have people over instead of our teeny little apartment where we can hardly get onto the rickety old balcony!
I didn't realise Matty was going away again, it must be hard on your own.
Have a great time at your group Chrissy party!
When we are done with this househunting crap (again!) we'll catch up! xxx

Mell Mallin said...


That blue dress in the first photos is SPECTACULAR!

I LOVE it!!!

Debbie said...

Poor little Libby. Hope she is feeling all better by now.

Brigitte G. said...

She looks sooo cute Jess, and i must say, you look beauuudiful too :)
i remember Anais' s 1st needle as well, eventhough we are strong women, it was sooo heartbreaking to see our own little babies crying having a needle. I think it's the 'mother thing'.... you really do feel for them :)
(after the 2nd baby Jess, it will be better :) i promise !! :)