Monday, 8 December 2008

just a little spare change...

Hi everyone,
When I was pregnant Matt and I went to the hospital once a week for 6 weeks to do an antenatal class, with a group of very excited, nervous & very pregnant couples! We all had fears about the birth, excitement and also hope. We all had the same wish, that no matter what sex our babies were, or the colour of their hair, we all really just wanted our babies to be healthy.

Then came time to PUSH (ouch!) We all gave birth to BEAUTIFUL babies, and a few weeks later came the time for our antenatal reunion. We all sat in a circle showing off our new bundles of joy and all having a turn at talking about our birth experiences and life as new parents.
The usual was said by most parents, you know, Things like "i had a natural, drug free birth", "i tore badly", "i havent slept for more than 3 hours in a row", "i love breastfeeding" etc etc etc, (i think you get the drift).
Then it was the turn of one of the lovely couples to show off their adorable baby girl who was born with V.A.T.E.R syndrome. You should see how positive they are. They did not complain about the tough times but were just so thankful for the hospital that are helping their baby girl through her rough start to life.

Thanks to the Westmead Childrens Hospital this beautiful baby girl is being looked after. And now, their local radio station is hosting a christmas appeal for the childrens hospital at westmead. They are asking for a donation (doesn't have to be much, but every cent counts).

The appeal starts on Thursday 11th December at 9am through to 12pm on Saturday the 13th. If you are able to donate, or even better, become a 'coin patroller' it would be fantastic!!! You can donate on line, in person or by the phone.

"Our local radio station is organising a COIN PATROL for WESTMEAD CHILDRENS HOSPITAL to help change the lives of sick kids like our daughter, if any one can help that would be FANTASTIC!!!!!! As a coin patroler, a donation, or some spare change to me to put in."

Please, CLICK HERE for all the information if you feel you may be able to donate.

Thank you

"PS Our daughter is doing fantastic she is recovering very well from a 10 hour operation 2 weeks ago and another investigation op today.Tis was her 6th general annisetic today.. She is a trooper!!"

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Siany said...

I donated already :)
Such a great thing for you to be campaigning for