Wednesday, 17 December 2008


with mastitis (again!). So depressing! I haven't had mastitis since Libby was 10 weeks old! I've had engorgement and very close calls but managed to prevent it. Not today. I thought i had caught it early enough but no. So Libby and I have just spent the last hour at the medical centre. Hopefully this will be the very last time EVER that i get this dang thing!
Libby was so good in the waiting room. Im so lucky to have a good baby!
Here is a piccie of her to make me feel all better...
Okay, I better go take an antibiotic and see if she wants a feed!!!
Xx Jess


Essie said...

He sweetie, hope you re feeling better real soon. Take care.

Love, es

Siany said...

You poor thing!! Fingers crossed it goes away real quick and you never ever get it again!!
Libby sure knows how to make her mama smile - look at that angel face!!

Debbie said...

Ouch! Hope the meds kick in quickly! That layout your friend did of Libby is darling :)

Brigitte G. said...

ouhhh i feel for you Jess, hope you get better !!
LIberty is such a daaaarling ;)
(sorry i haven't been visiting these days... like everyone, too many on my plates but it's so much fun to read your blog again and see what you're up to with your gorgeous Princess :)
Hugs toyou girl :)