Thursday, 18 December 2008


Matt and I took Libby to get a carseat!!! From THIS place who gave us great service!
Up until now she has been in her baby capsule the Safe-n-Sound Unity Baby Carrier which has been an awesome car seat, which also attached to my stroller which was fantastic in Liberty's first few weeks of life!
But it was now time to upgrade to a forward facing carseat! We bought the Safe-n-Sound Meridian AHR carseat for $505.

Im very happy with the it! It looks very comfy too. She fell asleep in it on the short drive home...
I think she is very happy to be able to face us now!! Im happy to be able to turn my head around and see her too!

I also met up with a couple of my Mothers Group friends today, and this afternoon i've been taking it easy as my mastitis is still taking a toll on me! I cant wait for the meds to work!!!
Xx Jess


DarNonymous said...

Good choice, it looks totally plushy, she looks sooo comfy! It's worth shelling out the money for a decent one, especially if you'll use for more kids.
I hate the one we got, we only bought it cos it was on sale. I am being alot more careful about choosing baby stuff now, it's worth paying that bit extra for quality!
Hope you are feeling a bit better, silly boobs!!!

Mell Mallin said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting to have them face you! AWESOME seat!

Sorry to hear about masitis, totally sucks! I'm just about to read up on that in the next post.

Siany said...

Awwww they grow up so fast! lol!
She obviously loves her comfy new seat!!