Thursday, 26 February 2009

9 months...

I can tell you that these past 9 months went by so so so much faster as the 9 months before that! Its been 9 months of pure joy! She is an amazing baby!!

Her milestones so far:
* she has 2 bottom teeth
* cruises all around furniture, pulls herself up on everything
* has 3 meals a day + 4 breastfeeds
* loves the wiggles
* claps & waves
* will kiss her mummy when asked to (if she feels like it) and will also kiss dolls and teddies on demand (again, only if she feels like it!)
* loves gymbaroo
* weighs 9.3kg
* sleeps through the night more often than not and has two long sleeps during the day
*squeals & grunts to get our attention, and I think she is begining to babble, still havent heard any mumma, dadda or bubba though.
* her favourite things to play with are books and her pool of balls
* still loves the water so so much!! See a video of her in the bath HERE

Xx Jess


Debbie said...

She sounds like pure bliss. What a sweetheart!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, 9 months already? She's a sweetie!

DarNonymous said...

It has gone so so quick! She is doing so well. Yeah, the wiggles totally rock! Good girl.

Siany said...

She is such a smart girl writing her name in the sand like that!!

Brigitte G. said...

ouhhh such an aweeesome pics here of LIberty.... geee... has she grown up or what ?? she looks soooo cute :)