Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bec's Hens Weekend - Gold Coast QLD

On the 31st January - 3rd February I went up to the Gold Coast, Queensland to celebrate Bec's hens weekend with a great bunch of ladies (and two babies)!!
We all flew up together (besides Brydey as she drove up) and then checked into our penthouse - YES!!! A penthouse!!
It has 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets a massive kitchen and living area. It was also 2 storeys. Upstairs there was a huge deck with another little kitchen and a spa on the deck!! And 360° views. Gorgeous place!
There was a downside however... The penthouse was on the 8th storey of the building and when we arrived we were greeted by the manager only to be told the lift was out of order!! Ouch! Treking up 8 flights of stairs was a bit of a scary thought, but they offered us a 50% discount, so that was pretty awesome + it was a bit of excerise!
We had a great time all together! I only knew Bec and Eva (and baby Fynn) and I got to meet and know Catriona, Deb and Brydey during our stay! They were all awesome ladies!

On the first day we all kind of did our own thing, Liberty and I walked down to the main strip to look around, we also went down to the beach to play which Libby loved! That night all us girls played fun hens night games!! We had such a great time!!
The following day we all (besides Deb who was resting) went to visit the Q-Tower! We caught the lift up to the 77th level (thank goodness the lift was working there - haha) and got to see an amazing view!!!!
Liberty LOVED having Fynn around her to play with!! The babies got on well together and they were just so so cute!! We even dressed them up - too cute!!
It was such a fun weekend away! And soon there will be Bec and Kato's wedding to attend! I cant wait as they are the perfect couple so I look forward to watching them get married!!!
Xx Jess


Debbie said...

What a fun get away! The views of the coast and sunset are amazing!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, how fun was that for you? Looks like you had fun. Liberty is such a cutie!

Siany said...

What a fantastic weekend you must have had!! Thats an incredible view! Must be great to get away with the girls!
Lib and Fynn seem to get on well together! Cute!
Cant wait to c pics from Bec and Katos wedding!

DarNonymous said...

I can't believe they didn't let you know the lift was broken! The kiddies look very cute together, they are the first pics I've seen of Fynn, cute little dude. You are such a gal-on-the-town mama you make me feel like suuuuch a housewife! Haha!