Friday, 17 July 2009


Earlier this week, we went up to Katoomba for a little getaway!! It was good fun! We went and enjoyed a hungi at Sian and John's house to celebrate Sian turning 22! We hung out with mum and dad, and John and I went iceskating in a little rink (more like an ice cube than a rink) set up for the school holidays! Libby loved her time away!
Here is a little video of Libby playing with Ruby my cat, if anyone still reads this blog!!
Xx Jess


Dar said...

Oh my gosh, TOO CUTE!! She is walking so well! I am upset that I have missed so much of her first 13 months just not being able to catch up much.
Haha, I love it when they try & show their toys to the cat! Cracks me up! Kaia does it too.
In your ice skating pic it looks like you have proper skates on, do you have your own?

Siany said...

shes so cute with ruby! He looks so scared... lol!!