Friday, 10 July 2009

*Happy Birthday Matty!!*

Yesterday was Matty's birthday!!! We didn't do much for his special day as the poor thing had to work at ProKayaks all day then off to his 2nd job in the evening. I did make him some super yummy meatballs and mash for dinner when he got home and we played some games, ofcourse, i let him win seeing as it was his birthday - hahahahha!

In the morning after Libby had her bottle next to him in bed, I brought him his pressies from his sisters. Libby had a ball opening them all up. In the gifts there were a couple of bags of lollies, Libby carried them around with her practically the whole day! Too cute!
I have never been so un organised for a birthday before. I still had no gift for Matty! I'd ordered a couple of things online but they didn't arrive in time. So, Libby and I rushed to Warringah Mall to go and do a spot of shopping. I hope he like what I got him! I was hoping the main gift would be in the scratchie tickets I got him!! I was hoping he'd win the jackpot..... hmmmmm..... nope, he did win $10 tho!
Here are a couple of photos:
The first one is of Matty's birthday last year! And the second one is, obviously, of his birthday this year! I cant believe how much Libby has changed in a short year!!! Last year she was only about 6 weeks old, so tiny and precious. Now she's a little toddler (13 months) who's walking around, has a huge personality and is still so, so precious!
As you can see, Matty is a very proud and wonderful daddy!

And Libby gave Matty a wonderful gift for his birthday.... she did a poo poo in her potty (for the 2nd time)!!!

Happy Birthday Matty!

We love you ♥ Jess & Libby-cakes

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mandy chemane said...

Oh you are such a beautiful wife to be, Jess... and funny too!!! What a lovely gift for her Daddy, I hope you let him take care of his gift after she finished, just to make his day even more special, hehe...