Tuesday, 28 July 2009

long time no post

So, its been forever since I just did a random blog post! There are a few reasons,
1. the lack of interest in this blog. I know, I do actually blog for myself, but it used to be great recieving lots of feedback - thank you to you guys who do still comment!!
2. As im posting a photo a day for all of 2009 over HERE, I find it hard to know what to write about on here, seeing as im basically writing out my daily events over there!
3. Blogging takes forever! And Now that Libby is walking, she is constantly bringing me books to read! I cant say no to her sweet little face!
Im going to give it a go! Okay, here I go... posting about some random everyday things that have been happening with us lately....
Liberty is growing so fast!! She is very social and loves everyone, everything and food! haha!
She is getting very clever! If I ask her to pull out any of the animals (pictured below) she can do it!!
Im trying to teach her to do animal sounds but so far we havent really succeeded in doing that! She makes a funny sound when she see's a duck - which is cute, and I think she's trying to say "moo". But its definately a work in progress!!!

We haven't spent too much time at the beach, I dont really know why as Libby LOVES it there! We took her there one afternoon - it was so cold - but Lib didnt care! She thought it was hilarious when Matty was doing this....

Here you go Daddy, a shell for you.

Thanks Libby, I know exactly what i'll do with this shell...

hahahah, Liberty thought it was fantastic!!!

We went to a wedding on the weekend. It was the first time leaving Liberty to be babysat by friends and not family. I nearly cried dropping her off, not that I didnt trust our wonderful babysitters, It just felt strange leaving her for the 1st time.
The wedding was very fancy and beautiful! Every single detail was accounted for. They had a wedding planner, candles, lanterns, a singer during the wedding, a band during the celebrations. Enough food to feed a small army! Matt and I especially liked the way they were married and it gave us many ideas!
I didnt take my good camera to the wedding, which I ofcourse regretted! But I got a cute photo of the 4 adorable flower girls! As I dont know them, I wont post it on my blog.
The foood...... Oh my, IF you like oysters, this wedding was for you! They had a table full of natural oysters! Here is a piccie of the cheese platter and lollies they brought out later into the evening...

And here is a collage of Matty, Libby and I getting ready for the wedding.

Well, i'll leave it here for now!
Till next time...
Xx Jess


DarNonymous said...

Hahahaha! That photo of Matt is crack up!!! & You look lovely in your wedding kit-up.
That's pretty cluey for a 13-monther to know all those animals. Kaia is the opposite, he knows all the sounds the animals make, but wouldn't know them from a bar of soap if I said the name!
I soooo feel like that about my Blog too, I am such a nigel, I have like 2 comments that aren't you or Sian! What are we doing wrong?!
But I still like reading yours, even though I read your Flickr updates every day!
Keep Bloggin!

DarNonymous said...

P.S. Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to your email yet!

DarNonymous said...

Comments are better anyway! Now you have 3 so you look popular!

Siany said...

Now you have four lol!!
I always read your blog!! Love seeing what you get up to since we dont get to chat as much as before!!

I love that pic of matt - so funny!! lol!! Libby is too cute!!

SOunds like the wedding was wonderful! I bet it got you excited about your wedding!!! Cant wait to hear more great ideas!!
PS you look beautiful!!

Debbie said...

I always read your posts and miss them when they are few and far between, but I totally understand! I have a hard time finding the time to post on mine event though I don't have little ones to run after anymore! I've even considered giving mine up, but that would mean giving up my blog friends and I don't want to do that!!!