Monday, 3 August 2009

Swiss National Day

The 1st of August is Swiss National Day! Liberty and I were up in Katoomba with the family and everyone dressed up for the day. Mum, Dad, John and Sian were all working but Libby and I were there to celebrate anyways! We took lots of photos, Enjoy....
Seeing as its Swiss National Day, Libby has a very Swiss lunch... A Veal Sausage and a Rosti. Yes, she ate it ALL!!
With Mummy
Still a little unsteady on her feet sometimes
Little 'Heidi'
With Grand Mamy
With Grand Papa
With her God mother/Aunty Siany
The whole Gang
It was a fun day!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Always love when you guys come up to visit :)
Was a fun day event though we had to explain to all the customers about the funny costumes lol!

Debbie said...

Liberty looks so cute! You all do :) I'm wondering what you told the customers about the costumes. Isn't the restaurant a Swiss one?