Thursday, 24 September 2009

tie dye

Yesterday Matty and I along with Liberty went to Centro to escape from this....
The dust storm that suffocated Sydney and plenty of NSW yesterday!! This is a photo of the roof of my silver car!
So, whilst we were shopping ~to escape the dust~ I bought Liberty some much needed bigger singlets! I actually bought them in a size 2 so she'll be able to grow into them! They only had white ones which Matt and I thought were a bit boring so we went to the sewing section and they had about 3 colours of dye to choose from, so we chose purple!
When Libby went down for her nap, I did the dyeing...
Here she is wearing one of the singlets (whilst also doing some crazy acrobatic stunt - haha)

Im happy with the results of my first time tie dying singlets for Lib! It was good fun to do too!!!
Now, to go clean the kitchen from orange dust and purple dye! hahaha
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Wow!! Incredible photos!!! Some of us sleep in too late to see the sunrise... lol!

We spent the afternoon washing the cars and the house lol! It was filthy!!

LOVE LOVE Libbys new tops!! Great job! Theyre so cute!!

Debbie said...

Wow, I'd heard about the dust storm but couldn't visualize it. Amazing. What an eerie mess!

You did a great job on Libby's singlets. That's another Aussie term I'm not familiar with. I'd call it a T-shirt. Is the name the same for grown up sizes?

DarNonymous said...

Totally cute Jess! You girls are such groovers.
P.S. I tried your idea of the plastic cup with holes in the bath & he totally loved it. But then it completely backfired when he decided it was just way more fun to watch mum do it over & over & to scream the house down if I stopped.

Brigitte G. said...

Heyyyy beaudiful Jess !!
yes ...we had the dust storm too up the Blue mountains... after few weeks, we still have some dust around the house... that stuff is tough to remove arrghhh !!!

can't believe how much Liberty has grown !!! oh y goshhh !! she is such a beaudiful girl :)

Must catch-up with you some day :)

Have a great week :)