Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Zoo Friends

Today, for our family day we went to Taronga Zoo! We did visit here back in April this year and seeing as we returned today we decided to become Zoo Friends! Seeing as we live so close it is definately worth becoming a friend. Especially the fact that we will get to see this little one grow...
Isn't he a little cutie!! I cant believe he weighs 164kg! wow!! Big appetite!! haha!

We also went to see the seal show! Libby just loves the seal show! She loved it heaps last time we went and again this time!! (she wasn't loving wearing her hat though - haha!)
We also went to the farm playground bit. Libby and I patted a little lamb and she was very interested in the pig. There was also a great playground for Libby to play around in! And ofcourse, we couldn't leave the show without seeing the gorgeous and always entertaining chimps!
We also went to the birl show and in total spent 4 hours exploring the zoo and riding on the gondola (ofcourse).
Xx Jess

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Siany said...

I love seeing your family adventures!! Youre such a sweet little family :) Libby has the best parents!! Such a great idea becoming zoo friends!! Especially since you live so close!! Awesome idea :)