Friday, 12 January 2007


Well, its been a good few days! With the new cocktail of drugs im on from the doctor im finally feeling a lot more healthy than i have in the last 6 weeks and i've got a big appetite - good sign!!!

On Tuesday, although i was still feeling quite unwell, my friend Bec asked to go indoor climbing at Climb Fit! We used to go every tuesday night but we havent been for over three months together. So we went and it was just like the old times, good fun!! Its great to get into the routine of going every week! At the moment i go with Siany every friday morning to Leura Gym to climb but they are closing down so im not sure what we are going to do cos i love our climbing sessions too!

On Thursday morning i got a call from Georgie who lives all the way in Jindabyne saying she was coming up to Winmalee just for the day to visit the dentist so i met up with her in the afternoon and we just hung out and had a drink there for a couple of hours. it went by so fast but it was better than nothing... we hadnt seen eachother in over a YEAR!!!! But it felt like only two days since we'd seen eachother when we got together! I wish we lived a lot closer to eachother!!

And today...
i started the day off with a visit to the post office to post my LO to scrapbooking memories fingers crossed they like it in real life!!
Then Siany and i were going to go climbing but didnt.. so I went over to the farm and we went for a swim (my family were there too). It was SO nice to have a pool so close by on such a beautiful hot day... Then Sian and I went inside and sung Karaoke for 2 hours!!! My poor grandparents, Mum, Dad and John had to listen to us all afternoon!! Luckily Sian is a really good singer but im crapola, it was good fun tho!
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To top it all off.. im working again and its been fun and also Matty is thinking of coming to stay in Katoomba on Saturday night as he has a race early on Sunday morning! i hope he does come!!!

Its late.. Im off to bed!!!
Hugs and Kisses to everyone!!

xx Jess


Siany :) said...

Its SOOO good to have you back again!! At work, and just in general LOL. Ive barely seen you in weeks!! Today was so much fun!! I love days where we can just bum around! It is a shame about climbing, but its probably good for you to rest up so you can fully recover!! Good luck with SM!!


mmmaaaarrrrriiieeeeeeeee said...

hey jess i'm so happy that you are feeling better, it's great to see you have colour in your face now.
oh welcome back to work too LOL

lee woodside said...

Hee hee hee... so great to see you girls having a good time. Now Singstar... that is definately my thing.