Monday, 28 April 2008

Anzac Weekend...

Hi Everyone!!

This weekend was the Anzac Day long weekend and also my Mum's 50th birthday!!! So i wanted to be up in the mountains to celebrate with her! But seeing as im getting a tad *BIG* - 4 weeks to go till my estimated due date - I asked mum to come and pick me up in Narrabeen (2 hours drive from her home), which she did! Thanks mum!!!

I cant believe how cold it is up in the mountains compared to Narrabeen!! We havent used our heater yet down here (although we did consider it tonight - brrrr) and up there they have the central heating on full ball and you need it!!!

I ended up having to work on saturday! Boy, that was a shock to my big pregnant system!! hehe! It was good to get a bit of $$! And I was kinda like 'putty'... i just filled in the gaps that needed doing! And on sunday I cleaned my parents accommodation - the Cuckoos Nest at the Swiss Cottage - because i knew i just wasn't up to another day of waitressing! Its funny, no one calls me 'small' anymore! But i guess with a gut like this (see photo below) how can you??!! LOL

Sunday was my Mum's 50th birthday.. all the family spoilet her - she deserves it!!!! Matty and I got her a $200 shopping voucher and a toilet travel bag filled with all the toiletries she needs for when she goes to Switzerland (her home country) in august/september this year!

Here is my mum with the birthday cake my brother organised from his friend (its gluten free as my mum has coeliac disease, like me!)

As usual... whenever a staff member has a birthday at the Swiss Cottage, we always celebrate with a cake - and pose for a staff (and cake) photo!
L-R: Evelyne, Jason, Me, Mum, Kristy, John (my brother), Dad & SianyFor dinner Dad took us to a lovely restaurant in Leura called Silks. Here we are at dessert time... yummy! Matty came up from Narrabeen after work that evening! It was good to have the whole family together, you'd think it would be easy to get 6 people together at the same time.. but it really isnt! lol
L-R: Dad, Me, Matty, Siany, John and the Birthday Girl!Here's Mum and Dad... Matty and I...
John and Siany...We had a fun night!!!

Now im back in Narrabeen (home) with Matty! And we are so excited, one of my mum's friends has lent us her childrens' cradle for our little one... so I got it all ready today, it was so fun making the bed...
Its beautiful!! I cant wait to have a baby in it!!

Also the other day Matty and I were just watching teli and I thought I saw something move on the balcony... and yes indeed, I did... there was an Owl, just sitting there!!!! It was pretty dark, this is the best photo I got of it. Pretty impressive anyways! Its not everyday we see an Owl!

Lastly, a *big* thank you to Lisa for awarding me the Arte Y Pico award! I was really touched by the kind words she wrote about me!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

I also know some blogs that deserve this award... here is one that is definately worthy...

Sian Young of Pieces of Me; You inspire me with your beautiful scrapbooking layouts, your sewing (especially the quilt you made) and photos you take. Not only this but I consider you a *great* friend and also part of the family. Love ya!

Okay, I think this is the longest post I've done in AGES!!!
Hope you made it all the way to the bottom!!!
Have a happy week!!
Xx Jess


Marjolein said...

Thanks for your sweet post girl!!! Means a lot!
You look good with your belly! How long do you have to wait till you have your baby??

Siany said...

Thankyou Jess! That means so much to me to hear that, cos you know how much you mean to me :) and you inspire me everyday!
It was great to see you for.. 5 minutes.. this weekend lol! I cant believe you had to work! Now I feel terrible! But Im sure it felt good to be back in your old spot.
I bet your mum had a great birthday and Im sure she will buy some *stunning* outfits with her gift voucher! The dinner was yummy and great to be all 6 of us! Was nice to see Matty in the mountains! :)
The cradle looks beautiful and the baby will look adorable in it! Not long to go now - your belly is bursting!!
And lastly - I cant believe you got a pic of the owl! Its amazing! Have a fantastic week and stay *warm* and rugged up! Get that heater ready!!
PS I think my comment is as long as your blog post, although your comment is probably tying!! ;)

TiteC said...

I definitely LOVE cradles !!
I didn't have one for my boy, but for my girl we decided we HAD TO get one...

and she was SO CUTE in it !! (and she could keep moving at her ease !!!)

xx from France

Anne Thompson said...

That is so cool that there was an owl so close to you! Your cradle is beautiful! xxx Anne

Linda said...

Look at that baby bump will not long to go. Love your baby stuff and so glad you got to be with your mum on her 50th. Hope you are feeling well and strong.

Anonymous said...

I have'nt seen an owl 'in the wild' since we moved from out bush last year.
We used to see them sitting on fence posts by the side of the road, in the early evening out there, but not here, alas.
You look huge!
My new niece is due in 4 weeks too...22nd may. When's your due date?