Thursday, 1 May 2008


Today im off to have an ultrasound of the baby as my fundal height measurements are measuring quite small. Im not too worried as its such a little active baby and I feel like i've gotten bigger and I know im not a doctor but I do know whats going on in my body!
So hopefully i'll be able to add some photos of the little one to this post! Im excited (and nervous) to see it and tempted to find out the sex (but I wont!)
Only 24 days till its Estimated Due Date!
Wow! Not long now!!!
Xx Jess

Edited To Add...

Okay, so Matty and I went in this morning for the ultrasound and had the same lady that had done my 11 week and 19 week ultrasound. She's so nice! It was great to have her again!
The baby is fine!!! On most things its at the 50th percentile or just below! Its got short legs (like his/her Daddy!).

The Facts:
* The Estimated Due Date is now the 27th May (a few days later than previous EDD)
* The foetal weight is estimated at 2.723kg (+/- 398gm) which is on the 40th percentile.
* The biophysical profile is scored at 8/8
* The Amniotic fluid is at the lower range of normal

Other Stuff the Ultrasound Lady told/showed us:
* The placenta is in a good position
* The cervix is still closed, measuring in at 3.6cm
* The baby is not yet in its birthing postition, its head is facing down, but not ready to come out just yet!
* She showed us its little face and it had its fists up infront of his/her mouth, so we didnt get a good look at the face, but the little hands are so so so CUTE!!
* She showed us its HAIR!! Yep! Again, like its Daddy, it seems to have a fair bit of hair!! So CUTE again!

All is good news! I guess im just lucky at the moment that im all "bump" and no fat... there is still 4 weeks to go though!!! hehehe! I just cant wait for it to come out! I was hoping it would be early cos im getting impatient, but I dont think it will be!! I just cant wait to be able to cuddle our baby, and know if its a boy or a girl!!

Unfortunately we couldnt get a clear photo of the baby in my belly, but I can't leave you all without a baby 'fix'! My friend Daria, Emailed me these photos of her little boy Kaia today... isn't he gorgeous!! Wont be long till you have a little play mate or girlfriend Kaia!!! ;) Xx Jess


Siany said...

*good luck*
Im sure everythings fine - your belly is definitely MUCH bigger than a few weeks ago!!
Cant wait to see some new piccies!

Siany said...

PS I love what your baby-banner says at the moment...
"..she might even try S-E-X!" hehehe!!

whetzel momma said...

lol You are the CUTEST pregnant girl in Australia I know!! Ok... you are the ONLY pregnant girl in Australia I know. BUT I LOVE reading about you and the baby!!

Nicole said...

good luck, your so close now, and don't stress over what the doctors say, I got told that I'm quite big at my last anti natal appointment, and they think I'm further along than I really am.

Anyways, you look gorgeous, enjoy the last few weeks they will fly by.


Siany said...

Im so glad to hear everythings ok! It must have been so exciting to see your baby! And HAIR?! Wow! So it looks like Im pretty close with the guessing competition so far ;)
Those pics of Kaia are so cute! I cant believe how big he is! It will be so great for him to have a little friend soon!

corinne5 said...

good to read your baby is doing fine, hope he or she will give you a quick delivery without any pain :)


Lisa said...

I'm glad everything went well with your ultrasound! :)

Kathy said...

Sounds like everything is going great! I don't know if I would be able to wait to find out what the baby was. It would kill me! LOL (They really didn't tell you that information when I was pregnant! They didn't have all the technology that they have today, and didn't want to make a mistake!)

Your baby banner is hilarious! LOL It's true though! You will try all kinds of things towards the end of your pregnancy to go into labor! LOL

Your friends baby is adorable!