Saturday, 10 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

** Happy Mothers day to my Beautiful MUM!!! ** Sorry I am not there to celebrate with you! (but I will see you monday!!) Thinking of you!! Thank you for being the BEST Mum ever!! Love you!
Xx Jess
(photo of my family taken July 2007 - Dad, MUM, Me and My Brother John)
ETA: Although im not 'officialy' a mother yet.. Matty spoilet me with a pretty plant from him and Budda - so so nice!!! :)


Esther said...

Hi sweetie, How is everything going? I hope you are feeling well. Next year there will be a little baby to hug you on mothersday. How great is that! Love the LO you made and so great to see the published in the magazine. Great job!!

Have a wonderful week.
Lots of love, es

rihani said...

Hey Jess!!
How are you? I can't believe you are almost due, its gone so fast!! You look great!! :)

Congrats on getting published again, I love the layouts!! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day too!!

Take care mummy to be :)
Rihani xxx

Anne Thompson said...

That's sweet that you got a little pressie!! What a thoughtful Daddy! How are you feeling?

charlie said...

hey jessi and mini jesse,
soon is not soon enough just passing thru and checkin up on ya all, hopes ya all ready and packed ya bags an all that stuff. if ya need a lift to the hospital well you know i can be there in as little as 12 hours. hehe
stay safe stay happy and well heres to good push push push
loves the gold coasters

Anna M-W said...

Happy belated birthday to your mum!