Friday, 9 May 2008

Some new and some published Layouts...

Hi Everyone!
Thanks to the fact that there was nothing worth watching on TV last night (and thats saying something as im a TV adict!!) I managed to get some scrapbooking done!!

My 1st layout is a photo taken in Manly on monday. I met up with my parents and my 2nd cousin Swen and his family who are over from Switzerland. Their little baby girl Lea is so ADORABLE! They gave us some swiss t-shirts, and swiss chocolate (yummmm, the BEST!) and they also gave us a hamper of goodies for the baby! So kind!

"Swiss Visitors"

I also created this layout... with not long to go now!!! (18 days till the estimated due date today)

"countdown" In this months Scrapbooking Memories Magazine (Vol 10 No 1) I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the 'Free Paper Challenge'! I had to create one layout and one accent with the paper and lettering provided. Here are my published creations...

"jOhnny balance" "fun" embelishment/accent
I was so excited to see these in print also the fact that it takes up almost a whole page in the magazine!!! So exciting!
Thats it for now..
Hope you are all having a wonderful friday?!!
Xx Jess


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I have really missed your blog!! so glad to be finally catching up...the pages you have been creating are amazing!!!

carole said...

Hello Jessy!
I like your layouts and I hope you will have a picture of your family and I on a layout ;P
I'm glad to see you in good shape and happy by waiting your little Budda :)
Have a good friday too!

Gros Bisous,
xxx Carole

Daria said...

Man you are a scrap guru now!! It's so exciting to see your layouts in the mags so regularly. I'd be totally jealous if I wasn't too lazy to actually scrap!! Haha. You look great in the pic, any day now....

Nicole said...

Congrats on the pub, at least you got some decent paper to work with. They both look fantastic.

Getting so close now. Bet your excited.

Love all your answers below too. Relate to most.


Have a great weekend.

whetzel momma said...

SO EXCITING!!! I need to request an autograph NOW while your pants still fit you!! lol JK. I can't imagine you ever not staying SWEET! So happy for you!

Anne Thompson said...

Yay for getting published! that's really exciting. I hope you can enjoy these last few days of your pregnancy!

Sharmaine said...

Great pages!! Congrats on the published one, what a buzz ;)

Gigi said...

ooh jess the "countdown" one has me so excited for you & matt...such a lovely l/o...i'm sure this is going to be treasured for sure :)

& congrats on the pubs!! wow! marvelous work my friend!!

thinking about you here in NY...sending you big hugs & smiles...& hope you have an easy delivery of that precious baby :)



Lillsisslill said...

Congrats on the pubs!!!
Love the "Swiss Visitors" LO!

Anna M-W said...

Great LOs babe!

Congrats on your publications!

Nayheli Valenzuela said...

Congrats for your blog, your works are nice!!!
Saludos desde México.