Monday, 19 May 2008

No. I haven't had 'it' yet!!!

Hi Everyone!!
I've been missing in action for the past week or so, but not because budda has decided to pop out early but because i've been busy putting my blog onto blurb and creating a blog book! Im almost finished editing it - I want to get it done before the baby arrives!!

Last monday my Mum and Siany came down for a visit! We went to Palm Beach for lunch, it turned out to be the worst service and food ever! I wish I jotted the name down so I could warn any of you not to dine there! Then we drove back and stopped at a lookout for some piccies, and have afternoon tea in Mona Vale, and visited the cutest little baby clothing boutique - just brousing till we know what the sex is!

Me and Siany!
Me, the bump and my beautiful mum..
Mum and SianyThe three of usThat night Matty and I went to the movies to see "what happens in Vegas". We went because it was to raise money for a couple of female paddlers to go to the world championships!

On thursday I went and had my first ever pedicure!! My friend Mikey gave me this as a gift for my birthday back in February and I finally got round to doing it! It was a lovely experience! The day spa place was really pretty too!!

On friday Matty, Mikey and I drove up to Katoomba. We had dinner at the Swiss Cottage with our friends Matty A and Leea, and also with my family, Mum, Swen (my 2nd cousin from Switzerland) and his wife Celine! I really like them, we had a good night!
This is back at my parents home a little later in the night!
(L-R) Swen, Celine, Me, Dad & Mum

Celine and I posing with our 'belly shots' hehe! She is awaiting her 2nd baby. Her first baby Lea, is the CUTEST little baby!! (Celine 17 weeks, Jess 38 weeks)Here is a piccie of my mum and dad out the front of their restaurant... The reason for going all the way up to Katoomba when im about to give birth was because our friends Mikey and MattyA were doing a running race! Not just any running race! 100km trail run! And let me tell you, they were predicting snow for the evening the race was on!! brrrrrr! My Matty was Mikey's support crew and i decided just incase i fell into labour, i'd be better up there close to matty and my family than all alone down here in Narrabeen!

Here is MattyA and Mikey at the start of the race, early (7am) saturday morningWhilst the boys were racing and Matty supporting, I just veged out at my parents. I didnt feel too good and was totally exhausted, so I just rested up! I felt bad as all my family were next door working, but i would of been no help being so tired!

MattyA unfortunately pulled out of the run at the 60km mark due to a bad knee. Mikey soildered on... he finished the 100km race in 11hours and 53minutes which put him in 5th place! An awesome achievement!!!!

Today I had the visit of my Brother John and Siany. They came just to hang out! I did warn them that with only 8 days till my due date, I may not me the best company. We all just veged out here and went on a little walk by the lake to feed the ducks - ONE goose - and fish! We took a few piccies too...

Matty & I in our Swiss T-shirts Swen & Celine gave us!
John and Siany
8 days to go!! My bump at 39 weeks! I cant believe its nearly time!!! Oh, and incase your wondering, no, its not warm!!! I just put on a bikini so we could see all the big - white - bump!!!

Today after we came back from our walk along the lake, a HUGE surprise was awaiting us behind the door... these flowers!!! WOW!! All the way from my Friends Natalie and Keith who are in London! Wishing us well with the birth!! Im not sure if you read my blog Nattie, but THANK YOU!! It was the nicest surprise ever!!!

Thats it for now!!
The countdown is on for this little baby to join our world! We cant wait!!
Xx Jess


Nicole said...

Your looking absolute fantastic. Sounds like you've had some fun filled days, pedi sounds good about now.

Get Matt to give you foot massages too, it can bring on labour, helps that it feels brilliant too.

Can't believe your nearly due. I'm excited for you.


Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments on my blog too, always make me smile. xx

Oh and I think your having a boy. ;)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

you are such an amazing gorgeous pregnant woman!!!!
how did the "putting the blog into a book" go? I have heard it's very time consuming and hard. I want to have a try though!

Sasha said...

Hey there just wanted to stop in and say CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK you still look so amazing at 39weeks. Keep us posted

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

I love the baby bump!! Congrats!!

Esther said...

Just keep up the good spirit. The last few steps are the hardest (as we say in Holland) Enjoy the quick in the house haha

Love, es

judith said...

Hi Jess, So good the hear from you again!! Love the pictures, especially those with your belly. Can't wait to meet your little baby on your blog :) So sending you al the love in the world, hugs, judith

Siany said...

*soooooooo* exciting :D Not long to go at all - and your belly is SO round!!
Im so glad I got to see you a few more times before Budda arrives - you wont be getting any attention soon... it will all be for the baby! lol!
You look gorgeous! Thanks for having us the other day :)

carole said...

Hello Jessy!
I'm glad to see you in good shape. You look so happy!
I tell you "merde" for the D-Day (as we say in french ;P).
Can't wait to see Matty and you with your baby in your arms.

Gros bisous en chocolat! :)
XXX Carole

Anne Thompson said...

you look so cute Jess!! You're getting soooo close!! I love your cute pics girlie :)

brigitte said...

Heyyy beautiful gorgeous Mother-to-be !! i was thinking about you specially that i saw your foto on Facebook !! (yeahh...on a rare passing by...) :)
wowwwww you look soooo gorgeous with your little bump there !!! wishing you all the very best for the birth and i'm sure Sian will keep us posted for the rest !!!
mouwah !!!

Anna M-W said...

Great pics.

You are so radiant. I am so happy for yoU!