Tuesday, 10 June 2008

a very 'breasty' post...

Hi Everyone!
This morning Liberty, Matty and I walked up to the Narrabeen Early Childhood Clinic for the free drop in breast feeding clinic! Matty went to the bank, post office etc whilst Liberty and I got settled in!
I weighed her: 3.83kg - what a fattie!! Im so happy that she is doing well there! As im having so many problems with my boobs! So im happy that these problems aren't being passed onto our precious little baby!
So, my mastitis is still there! Arrgh, the lady at the clinic told me I needed to get more antiniotics (mine finish tomorrow) ARRGH! My GP is about 40minutes drive away, and i didnt go to him last week, I just went to the local medical centre (cos it was late at night), but when i popped in there today to get a refil, you should of seen how BUSY it was! I knew i'd be in for a looooong wait so I decided that i'll go visit my GP tomorrow! He'll get to meet Liberty too + he's an awesome doctor!
So, not only do i need more antibiotics, but we had to run around to find a breast pump, breast warmers and a feeding top! The books all prepare you for what your baby will be like once its born, but you personally... not much is written!!
Did anyone else find this too??
I mean they ask you to leave the hospital after 48 hours, but they dont tell you anything about whats going to happen to your body! I'd love to put a book together (or at least a pamphlet) on what happens to YOUR body once you've given birth! I know i'd love to read something like that!!
So, tonight we are off to the hospital for our birth classes reunion!! Im excited to see all the new families and see who had boys and who had girls (most of the people in our class, were like us... keeping it a surprise).
I think i might go and have a lye down, or vege in front of the teli whilst Liberty is sleeping! Today she's been so alert, she didnt want to sleep! I just think she doesnt want to miss out on whats going on around her! She's adorable!
Here's a little selfie we took today.... (yep! I managed to cover up this time!!! heheh) and thanks Siany for the gorgeous outfit, doesnt she look cute in it??!

Xx Jess


Sharmaine said...

Gorgeous photo, hope the mastitis goes soon. Hang in there :)
Yep, I see you have learnt that there still isn't a parenting manuel lol Its all so unpredictable and what works for one doesn't always work for another. Lots of wives tales and myths but it's all about learning. If you have any questions ask someone and then ask someone else and then go with what works best for you. I'm here if you have any questions :)

Siany said...

MORE antibiotics? That sux :(
But hopefully it will all clear up soon! Sounds like youre having a great adventure being a mummy! And its only been two weeks - Im sure it will get easier lol!! She looks so gorgeous in that little outfit! I love the birdies on it and I think that pale pink suits her alot :)
Hope you had a great night at the reunion!! Cant wait to hear about it!

Nicole said...

have a fantastic night. can't believe that she's two weeks old already. time is flying.

Looks gorgeous, and if I was looking as good as you I'd be having my belly hanging out all the time.


Anna M-W said...

Don't stress out about the breast feeding. My sister could not take the pain and couldn't do it. My nephew is smart as a whip and is in all gifted classes.

I hate that it is a preconceived notion that women MUST breast feed! Yes, it is healthier for the baby, etc, but it is a woman's own choice.

Good luck with your "breast situation" and I hope you get to feeling better. Make sure you get some pro-biotics to take 2 hours before or 2 hours after the antibiotic. With all the courses of antibiotics you are on, you may end up getting a yeast infection, too!

Debbie said...

Hope your infection clears up soon! Hang in there, the rewards for YOU will be worth it. I breast fed my first and loved it. I couldn't do it with the second because she was three months old when we adopted her. Now there are even ways to do that! Bottom line though, they both turned out just fine! That's my two cents. You'll find everyone has an opinion. The best advice I ever got was to follow my instincts.