Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a week in the life... - day three

Wednesday 29th October, 2008
Wet, humid, rainy day. average of 17 degrees (but it felt warmer to me)

Liberty woke up at 4:30am and decided to stay awake for about an hour. We had to get up and settle/re-wrap her a few times.

Then at 7:30am my alarm woke me up, so I went and woke Liberty as this time I was looking like Dolly Parton!!!! hahaha! Fed Libby and pumped.

8:15am Matt took Libby to play in the lounge room. I checked my emails and decided to go back to bed. But couldnt sleep so I got back up.

9am, I had breakfast and watched Libby playing in her jolly jumper. Then we put Libby to bed at 9:15am.

9:15am-11am, I showered. Matt was home to we just hung out and we watched a tv show we recorded the night before. I tried on a few of my dresses to see if they still fit as we are off to a wedding tomorrow.

11am, Libby woke up, we both went in to surprise her!! Then I fed her and we drove to Warriewood Centro Mall.

11:30am-12:30am, at the mall, we wandered around, then Matt and Libby went off and I got my haircut - the first time I've had it cut since I found out I was pregnant, so I was in desperate need. The hairdresser looked like she didnt want to be there, and didnt even bother making conversation. What an idiot. Oh well, at least i got rid of my split ends! She cut off about 20cm, but my hair is still long and its probably not even noticable that i've had it cut - hehe.

12:45pm, Liberty and I came home and Matt went to work. I made myself some cheese on GF toast (again!) for lunch and Libby got a bit cranky so I put her to bed. Then I called my friend who I havent spoken to in AGES and we talked for 45 minutes.

1:45pm, Liberty woke up, so I fed her again and we played. Matty came home so we both played with Liberty. We tried to hide from her to see if she would roll over again like she did yesterday, but nope.. today she is more than happy just to play with her feet!!! Matt and I also looked at some baby photos of us to see who Libby looks like...
Can you guess who is which baby out of Matt, Liberty and Me??! Tell me in the comments...
I'll reveal who is who tomorrow..

Baby A. Baby B.Baby C.
3pm, a good 'ol childhood friend Natalie came over to visit! She is back from London for a couple of weeks! She came to meet Liberty. She came with flowers, and Gluten Free goodies!! It was awesome to catch up and see her again!!! As kids we used to be pen pals when we lived far from eachother and play dolls together, and here we were playing with a real baby now!! (here is a piccie of both of us at my 4th birthday party)4pm, I give Libby a quick feed and then pop her into bed.

4:30pm, Natalie leaves. I play on the pc for a little while. Then start blogging and doing a bit of facebook (i should be cooking dinnner whilst Liberty sleeps, but playing with some old photos is much more exciting!! hehe

6pm, Liberty finally wakes, I play some gymbaroo games with her and she also sits unassisted for 5 minutes without falling over! WOW! A big week of milestones has happened this week! Along with that... she GIGGLES!! I kiss her lots on the cheek and each time I do it she giggles! I was also laughing so much, it was adorable!!!

I keep her awake later than usual tonight (as she slept in till 6pm), so at 7pm I give her a bath and massage. I then put her to bed at 7:45pm.

8pm, I finally get round to start cooking chicken for dinner, its okay that it will be a late dinner as Matt wont be back from paddling till a bit later.

8:30pm, just finishing updating my blog, Matt has arrived and dinner is nearly ready to eat so im off now!

Later... again, I will give Libby her 'dream feed' followed by a good nights sleep hopefully!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess


marijana said...

lets see if I got it right-:)

she is adorable Jess :)

Siany said...

I agree with Marijana!
I definitely could have picked you out of the 4 yr olds - no mistaking those curly blonde locks!! I want to see your haircut - I was actually looking at your hair in mondays post and thinking how *long* it looks!! lol!

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Hi, my friend! I was missing you!
And let's go:
A- Matt
B- you
C- Liberty
Liberty is just like Matt, incredible!

Kathryn said...

There is no mistaking the father of Liberty is there!!!

Mell Mallin said...


Libby looks SO much like Matt!

Mell Mallin said...


Libby looks SO much like Matt!