Monday, 27 October 2008

a week in the life... - day one

I've seen a few blogs blogging about a week of their life! They were all interesting to read and I thought 'what a great idea'. So i've decided to doccument my week in the life too!

So this is my week...

Monday 27th October, 2008
Nice sunny day, no rain. 19 degrees - 34 degrees.

Liberty woke up around 4am, all happy and talking to her mobile!!! She ended up getting a bit unhappy at about 5am so I got up and shoved the dummy back in, and back to sleep she went.
7:30am, the alarm woke me up, I looked like Pamela Anderson, so I thought i'd better wake Libby for her morning feed. She ate well, however still had to pump to empty them fully, entertained Libby in our bed whist doing that.

9am, put Liberty back to bed, after having my breakfast and playing with her!
Then I went on the computer, booked accommodation for my parents for christmas, and did some more advertising work for Pro Kayaks a bit of facebook and blog reading (hehe). Showered.

11am, had Nutella on GF toast - yum. Waited for Libby to wake.
11:45am, Liberty slept in, but now shes awake! Change nappy, feed her. We play. I eat more food (gosh this breast feeding makes me hungry!)
Its hot! Liberty and I are happy with the fact its finally HOT! So we both wear pretty dresses! *The dress Liberty is wearing (pictured below) was handmade by Siany! And its reversable!! Hands up who thinks Siany should open up an Etsy shop!!!!! I so recon she should!!!!
1pm, off to Mothers Group! Its great fun catching up with the mummies and babies! We stay there playing and talking till 3:30pm. Libby naps and eats during Mothers Group!

3:40pm, walk via beach down to the post office to post some parcels for some new arrivals + photos of Libby for my grand parent(s). It hot! Libby is bright red in her stroller, poor thing. We also have a quick visit into Aqwa, to say hi to one of the Mummies from mother group who owns the shop! So many pretty clothes in there!
4:15pm, walk home via Lake and Matt's work as I need to send off a fax. Come home, feed Libby.

5pm, Matty and I take Liberty on a walk along the lake and on a bush track! Libby is happy sitting there listening to us talk and playing with her feet! We walk and feed the ducks for an hour.
6:10pm, Matt gives Liberty a bath whilst I upload photos of the day, and cook fried rice for dinner (to be eaten later)

6:50pm, Feed liberty and she is in bed and asleep by 7pm, good girl! She's so tired after a busy, hot day.

7:10pm, Matty and I eat dinner, its ok. not great! haha! We watch a show we recorded the night before.

Now (8:14pm), Matty is doing the dishes (im a lucky woman!!) and Im doing this!

Later, I will wake liberty at about 10pm for a 'dream feed' and then we will go to bed and hopefully have a good nights sleep!!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess


lisa v said...

That's great Jess, I enjoyed reading that. Libby seems to be such an easygoing, happy baby, so nice for you with your first.
I definitely think Siany should open her own shop :)

Debbie said...

Your day sounds so nice and relaxed. What a happy baby you've been blessed with! She looks darling in her made-for-etsy dress :) I love the pic of the two of you smiling.

Siany said...

Sounds like you have the bestest friend in the world to hang out with!! You, Liberty and Matty make a great team :)
LoVe both of your dresses ;) Thanks for the encouragement (maybe one day the etsy thing will happen - when you open a nappy cake shop! lol!)
Gorgeous weather! Cant wait to come visit!!