Tuesday, 28 October 2008

a week in the life... - day two

Tuesday 28th October, 2008
Overcast day, still nice and warm. No rain. 19-24 Degrees.

Today Liberty woke at 6:30am (good girl!), she woke up happy so we left her in her cot till 7am. Matt went and got her up, changed her (she aparently had done a big #2!!) I gave her a big feed, I then pumped as I was a bit full still, and then we just played in bed with Libby.

8am, got up, put Liberty in her Jolly Jumper to play whilst I had my breakfast.

8:30am, time for Libby to go back to bed. I showered. Then played on the computer for a bit, and did a bit more Pro Kayaks advertising work.

9am, I did some ironing. This took a while as im slooooow at ironing!!
10ish, I called Siany up for a chat as I havent spoken to her in ages. Then I ate nutella on GF toast again - yum!!! And hung out another load of washing!

11am, Liberty woke up. I fed her and played with her and read her about 5 books! I then put her on her back on her play mat and popped into the kitchen to make some grilled cheese on GF toast... I heard a squeal, so I popped my head out to look at her and she had ROLLED OVER!!!! I missed her first roll (boohoo). She was very proud of herself! (she then rolled over a few more times throughout the day)
12 noon, Liberty and I walked down to Pro Kayaks so I could fax off some paperwork to the banner people for the advertising I want, then we came home and played some more. Libby got a little grizzly so I put her to bed at 12:15. She had a little nap, only about 20minutes. Matt popped home for lunch.

1:20pm (for a 1:40pm start)Liberty and I hopped in the car to go to GYMBAROO!!! Lots of the other Mothers Group mummies do it too, and the babies love it!! This week was learning all about balance, and we had to hang the babies upside down, very cute! Liberty loves gymbaroo, but she was ready to leave by the end of it!!

2:15pm, left Gymbaroo and drove home, Liberty fell asleep in the car. Woke her as I lifted her out, so went upstairs, gave her a feed then she went to bed (and slept unwrapped) for 1.5 hours. During this, I watched TV and did another load of washing and played on the computer for a bit too!!!

4:30pm, Libby woke, i fed her, played.

5pm, LIberty and I went to get some groceries, some shops were still open so just had a brouse around, got home at about 5:45pm.

6pm, gave Libby a bath followed by a massage.

6:30pm, Matty got home from paddling, cuddles Libby whilst I clear up the table for dinner. He had the great idea to suggest Pizza for dinner!! YAY! I was going to cook Chicken, but i'll do that tomorrow night!

6:50pm, I feed Liberty then put her to bed at 7pm, just as the pizza's arrive! I have found a couple of pizza places that do a great Gluten Free pizza, its fantastic!!!

8:15pm, im now blogging while Matt is watching teli, but I have to sign out cos at 8:30pm my TV show starts!! yay! Love tuesday night teli!!

Later, will give Liberty her 'dream feed' around 10:30pm and then go to bed hopefully for a good night's sleep again!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

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Siany said...

YAY LIBERTY!!! Careful Jess, she'll be out running and kayaking soon!! Shame you missed her first roll over, but it seems like shes happy showing off her new trick :)
Sounds like you *both* have a great time at Gymbaroo!
Love your ironing photo!! (Scrap... cough... scrap!!) Im sure youve got lots to scrap and journal now - but you sound waaaaaaaaay too busy!!
Thanks for the chat this morn! Sorry I did nothing but whinge hehehe - will definitely call you soon tho! Miss you!!